IKI’s Refillable Toothpaste Pump as Designed by Tatabi Studio

The Valencia-based studio has developed waste-minimising packaging for a natural toothpaste inspired by the sea, sand and sun of Menorca.

The Client: IKI
The Designer: Tatabi Studio, Valencia

The Project: The toothpaste itself is made with natural ingredients including mint & rosemary, clay & sage and sea salt. Tatabi Studio has created a sleek exterior for this product. inspired by waves breaking on the sand in sunny Menorca. With the environment in mind the user can turn to the bottom of the pump (which is made from recycled plastic and clay by the way), the capsule holding the toothpaste will drop and can subsequently be refilled. The art direction, concept and photography was fulfilled by Tatabi Studio whilst the product design was handled by Josep Pedro.

In Our Opinion: The environment is something that should always be considered in the packaging world. This design is not only able to meet the consumer needs in a stylish manor that will fit into most bathrooms with ease, but also challenge norms of society. It bears in mind the bigger picture and aims to innovate for the future of product design and packaging.

Find out about Tatabi Studio and their work at or on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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